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It is the biggest creek on Mount Argentario. The water is limpid and crystal clear and it is excellent for Snorkeling and for those who love relax and a pleasant swim.

To the back of the beach the suggestive "Macchia Mediterranea" is characterized by holm oak and tall trees. Cala Grande is one of the points where the splendid contrast between the blue sky and sea, and the green vegetation blend together in an unique portrait.

To the south Cala Grande is marked by the beach of the Colonne where high rocky cliffs are the most northern point of the Mediterranean Sea. Just a little further on, there is another splendid creek called Cala Moresca by virtue of the frequentation of Turkish and Barbary coast pirates.


This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mount Argentario. Crystal clear water and genuine nature surrounds this location.

The sun is always very intense and strong on the beach of Cala del Gesso, and it is perfect for those who love sunbathing. In front of the creek there is Argentarola (small island characterized by an underwater cave called Grotta della Pumadorine), while on the right side there is a Spanish tower of XVI century.


Situated just after Cala del Gesso, the Cala del Bove is a coarse cliff-side, genuine without a beach. However the rocks are smooth and it's possible to stretch out over them to enjoy the splendid panorama which extends in front of the Creek.

The name Cala del Bove is due to the fact that in the past the "Bovi" (monk seals), frequented this part of the coast.


In the past, Cala Piccola was the favourite hiding place of pirates where they used to hide their treasures. Just like Cala del Bove there is no beach at Cala Piccola, but cliffs and rocks. The coral cliff is particularly beautiful. A shoal rises up from 45mt deep near the surface and makes the creek one of the most appreciated points for those who love scuba and diving.


Situated on the southern coast of Mount Argentario it has been the theatre of many episodes dating back to the Barbary coast pirates. These are two of the  roughest and wildest locations of Mount Argentario.

It is characterized for its so-called "pools" (small creeks) rich in life forms and sea vegetation. The Mar Morto is one of the most exposed areas of the headland, therefore it is very hot. A little further on, we can find Le Cannelle, another area characterized by a beautiful sea, as well as a destination for surfers on windy days.

Tuscany seasideArgentario sea

Approaching Porto Ercole, the south-east area of Mount Argentario, you can find four wonderful beaches. The Acqua Dolce is one of the residents' favourite and is characterized by the limpid sea water and real beaches.

The Sbarcatello is an area of the beach right after Acqua Dolce. Its peculiarity is a holm situated right in front of the beach. It is a large cliff and in the past it was armed with a cannon to defend the creek. A little further on, there is the so-called Spiaggia Lunga: a suggestive and desirable place to pirates.


Just before Porto Ercole, the Viste is one of most frequented beaches by tourists and residents.

The area owes its name to the panorama that offers a truly breathtaking view. It's characterized by pebbles and sand and for its limpid and crystal sea water.


Porto Ercole, together with Porto Santo Stefano, is the other main town of Mount Argentario. It's a gracious seaside town once inhabited by fisherman. The same fisherman can still be encountered along the marina today.

Inside the walls, at the foot of the Spanish Fortress is the old settlement, whereas today the houses and activities have all moved towards the bay. The sea water of Porto Ercole is crystal. If you want to really enjoy the beauty of the area we suggest to hire a dingy to admire the coast from a better point of view. The cove before Porto Ercole is the so-called Cala Galera, destination of VIP and famous people.


The beach of Feniglia, near Ansedonia, is the piece of land which links Mount Argentario to the mainland. The main part of the beach is free. The Tombolo extends for 7 km and includes the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, a protected area which can be crossed on foot or by bike.

Argentario seaHoliday at the seaside in Maremma, Argentario
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Hotel Villa Domizia
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