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Domiziano Baths

Next to Villa Domizia there are the remains of the ancient Roman Villa Domitiana Positio, dating back to 36 b.C. and belonging to the famous Emperor Nero. Diving into the clear blue sea you can also admire the remains of one of the cetarian tanks where the Romans bred fish. The rich seabed of outcropping Posidonia Oceanica algae gives life to a unique and rare sight along the coasts of Italy.

Giannella Beach

Famous tourist destination during the 1930’s and 1940’s, when the “Queen” and the “Princess” of the seas were elected. The beach of Giannella is the most beautiful of all Mount Argentario. It’s a sandy beach with many bathing establishments and a long stretch of free beach. The beach of Giannella is very appreciated by sea sports lovers.

Santa Liberata

The history of Santa Liberata is as fascinating as the beauty of the area. In 1376, in the middle of the Avignon captivity, a ship carrying Pope Gregory XI to Rome, ran into a storm and found shelter in this area first called Santa Reparata and then Santa Liberata. Santa Liberata is situated on the border with Giannella, and it is a small port. Santa Liberata is one of the most frequented beaches by tourists who love the northern part of the coast of Mount Argentario.

Porto Santo Stefano

Admired throughout history for its beauty, panorama and traditional food, Porto Santo Stefano is the capital of Mount Argentario and it’s one of the main tourist locations.

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The Other Beaches on the Coast of Argentario

Not far from Villa Domizia there are other unique beautiful beaches. The Soda is characterized by wonderful sights and crystal clear water. The Pozzarello, just after the Soda, is ideal for relax. The Bionda is a cove with no bathing establishment, perfect for those who love quiet and full relaxation. Next to the Bionda there is the Cantoniera, a characteristic beach with small pebbles and sand and a crystal clear water. The other three beaches, not far from Villa Domizia, are the Moletto, the Caletta, with deep water, and the Cacciarella, with its wonderful cave known as “Grotta del Turco”.


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